Joeys Coop - Service Station Flowers

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Service Station Flowers
Streets of Newtown

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Joeys Coop
Service Station Flowers

Service Station Flowers is the debut album of Joeys Coop, the band dubbed the indy supergroup. Featuring the songs of Brett Myers (guitarist of legendary Australian indy band Died Pretty) and Mark Roxburgh (singer of critically acclaimed 80s indy band Decline of the Reptiles) Service Station Flowers tells tales of fractured family, loss, the oddities of 21st century life, the burdens of overleveraged real estate, mid life existential angst, memories of landscape lost and mediations on the lives of friends gone wrong. Service Station Flowers, produced/mixed by Wayne Connolly, is the first album of all new material by Aria Award winner Brett Myers since 2007.

Joeys Coop is the combined musical muscle of some of Australia's most seasoned independent musicians whose collective pedigree extends back to the late 1970s. Myers and Roxburgh are joined by Matt Galvin on guitar (Eva Trout, Perry Keyes, Loose Pills); with Andy Newman on bass (The Soul Movers, The Deniz Tek Group) and Lloyd Gyi (Perry Keyes, The Atlantics, Dave Warner) on drums and vocals.

Joeys Coop draws on a wide palette of musical inspiration. If Keith Richard's and Nico had a lovechild who's god parents were Eno, Ron Asheton, Patty Smith and Chrissy Hynde and said lovechild started a band then you'd get a vague idea of the ballpark Joeys Coop play in.

Tracklisting (37:56)
  1. Choke A Horse (Myers/Roxburgh) (4:11 m:s)
  2. Dancing (Myers/Roxburgh) (3:58 m:s)
  3. Weight of the World (Myers/Roxburgh) (3:59 m:s)
  4. Service Station Flowers (Myers/Roxburgh) (5:01 m:s)
  5. Management Plan (Myers/Roxburgh) (6:12 m:s)
  6. Look Out Now (Myers/Roxburgh) (3:40 m:s)
  7. Don't Call Me (Myers/Roxburgh) (3:41 m:s)
  8. Broken Bike (Myers/Roxburgh) (4:40 m:s)
  9. Everything's Alright (Myers/Roxburgh) (4:06 m:s)
  10. Streets of Newtown (Myers/Roxburgh) (4:51 m:s)

Take Me Away wouldn't sound out of place on Triple J or its recently-launched sister station, Double J. --- Georgina Mitchell, Newcastle Herald

Double-jangle melodic pop with a hooky melody on one A side and a soaring piece of extended majesty with a searing guitar solo on the second. --- Five Martinis rating. The Barman, I-94Bar

Music fans more interested in guitars than grooves will get a kick out of supergroup Joeys Coop. --- George Palathingal, Critics Pick, Sydney Morning Herald