Penny Ikinger - Penelope

Tracklisting (42:17 m:s)
  1. Into The Slipstream
  2. Montana To Mexico
  3. Fragile
  4. Heart Song
  5. When We Get To The Land
  6. Sycamore Tree
  7. Dirty Pool
  8. Impossible Love
  9. Down The South Road
  10. Memories Remain
  11. Pieces Of Glass
  12. City Of Sin

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Australia's own sonic chanteuse Penny Ikinger, famously known for her mind warping, note bending dirty rock, has changed tempo to deliver Penelope, a sparkling new CD filled with twelve perfect classic pop tunes.

Long known for her career as a guitarist with Wet Taxis and Louis Tillett, Penny has also performed and recorded with Tex Perkins, Deniz Tek, Kim Salmon and Sacred Cowboys. Adrian Belew, Frank Zappa's guitarist of choice, has twice asked her to tour Australia with him. Over the last five years she has performed constantly here in Australia as well as Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

Mixing post-punk attack with swingin' sixties attitude and 70's guitar experimentation to cajole and reshape the traditional pop song structure, Penny has managed to crank out note-perfect, unforgettable pop bliss in the process of recording Penelope.

"I wrote the songs on Penelope within the confines of the concise structure of a pop song format. I liked finding ways to be experimental and push the music around inside that framework. I don't like smarmy pop music, so these songs came out slightly bent, which is what I was after."

Penny has assembled an impressive coterie of friends for the making of Penelope. The album includes contributions from local rock legends Deniz Tek, Ron Peno, Dave Graney, Clare Moore, Mark Ferrie and Charlie Owen with French notables Dimi Dero and Vinz Guilluy also making their presence felt.

Penny's previous album, Electra, has garnered some solid responses...

"Incredibly cool femme fatale laid-back noise rock by Australian guitar beauty...Ikinger's voice and amazing guitar work makes this one helluva solid piece of female rock..." Lowcut Magazine, Denmark

"All woman and all business - the Australian singer-guitarist - a graduate of the Radio Birdman school of axe warfare - unveils a fetching line of balladry here: black-hearted folk song draped in fuzz, topped with a dark baby-doll whisper...imagine Nico channelling Sandy Denny in front of blue Oyster Cult - and you're close." David Fricke, Senior Editor, Rolling Stone (USA)